Darkmoon Realm

Darkmoon Realm is a browser-based role-playing game that has fully automatic and very simple gameplay. Your character will reach the 60th levels during the first hours of the gameplay, which will open access to many dungeons for raids and PvP arena. You will find a world full of challenges, great battles with bosses.

You can customize your character in different ways in the Darkmoon Realm. Choose one of three game classes, equipment, wings, costumes, title, partners and even a patron goddess. Improve and enchant your equipment to open more powerful armour sets. Your equipment improves not only the attack and defence power but also the appearance of the hero.
Hundreds of players around the world come to Darkmoon Realm every day. You can enter the multiplayer and cooperative mode of the game and together defeat powerful opponents or fight for territory.

Darkmoon Realm opens the PvP arena around the middle of the game when your character is gaining enough strength. At the very beginning, you have access to the arena mode, in which you will fight with AI. Also, the game features a Rating Ladder, which allows you to fight with other players and develop your prestige.

In addition to battles with bosses and the arena, the game has many dungeons, which can be visited several times. Exploring these locations, you will get materials for character development, equipment improvement and skills development. In addition to other features, the Darkmoon Realm has a system of guilds, which opens on 61 levels. It is worth joining the guild immediately because you will have access to a large number of upgrades for your hero and team.


Darkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon RealmDarkmoon Realm
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