Tentlan is a browser based, 2D real time strategy game set in the era of the ancient Mayans. Players begin by building a sun temple, which is the central building of their city. Around this the player will want to create structures dedicated to gathering the resources that the game runs on; limestone, obsidian, cacao, and corn.

Players can also construct an Observatory, where the Mayans will draw inspiration from the gods and the stars in order to advance technology, giving them an edge over their adversaries, whether they be other players, or barbarians in the surrounding lands.

Tentlan might come with a thematic twist but it still follows the tried and true formula utilized by most browser based MMORTS games. The objective is to of course start off with a small settlement and eventually be the ruler of a massive empire which is no easy task and will require hours of hard work and dedication. The great thing about this game though is the fact that it has tons of ways to keep players engaged and entertained.

You can form alliances with players or you can wage wars and raid the settlements of others. You can expand your land so that you can build more structures and therefore expand your empire. Combat units are an important aspect of all MMORTS games and the ones in this game are incredible. There are tons of different kinds of soldiers and units that you can utilize to compose a lethal army that can trample anything that comes in its path. Overall there’s a ton of stuff to do in-game and it makes sure that you’ll never feel idle.

Game video:

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