Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a railroad manager browser MMO developed by Bright Future and published by Travian Games. Players have the chance to learn a bit of railroad evolution and history. Rail Nation debuts with steam powered trains and advances from diesel machines to the electric era. The starting zone for new players is a small town whose train station only supports steam trains. New train models and engines become available when the necessary research is complete. Rail Nation players are in charge of a transporting company. The end goal is to gather prestige and win a Rail Nation game round. Prestige and Rail Nation money are rewards for completing various tasks.

Although Rail Nation is a game with a main focus on strategy and management it doesn’t neglect customization features. When starting the game for the first time, players take a few minutes to build a profile for their train manager. Rail Nation visual customization options aren’t as rich as for MMORPG games but players can select gender, a few physical traits and outfits. Trains and locomotives are one of the most important Rail Nation gameplay aspects. Each locomotive (or engine) has a set of attributes. It can transport various kinds of goods, powers a different number of wagons and runs at a certain speed. Better locomotives come at higher prices. Wagons are bought separately.

A Rail Nation wagon can carry only one type of goods. Rail Nation trains deliver goods from one station to another according to a schedule. Players are in charge of creating an efficient schedule that earns them the most money. You can check out total schedule time and profit per hour before confirming a schedule. This way players can try alternate routes to find the optimal one.

The train station contains multiple buildings that help Rail Nation managers develop their railroad business. The total number of owned locomotives depends on the engine house level. Track production building allows more routes. Buildings like restaurants, hotels and malls boost your money income. The station concourse generates prestige. Steam trains are fun but smart railroad managers know that electric locomotives are better. Rail Nation has a research feature. Players gain access to the most advanced train models through research. Guilds and alliances are a mandatory feature for MMO games and Rail Nation is no exception from this rule. Associations are Rail Nation guilds of players. Players have the possibility to browse all Rail Nation associations, check them out and apply. The statistics page displays all Rail Nation players and in game performance. Rail Nation has many features but it also provides necessary explanations to help players understand game mechanics.

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