Wizard101 is a 3D Wizard MMORPG which is very much influence by Harry Porter. Here a player is considered as a student of Ravenwood School of Magic Arts, which belongs to a fictional town known as Wizard valley. When a player gets admission in the school, he has to choose one of the seven schools of thoughts as in Kung Fu. These school o thoughts or styles are Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, Myth and balance.

The developers have made the game play like a story, where you enter and do things as introduced by the head master of the school. All the customization is done through the initial chat with head master. Once you complete the tutorial, you are introduced to the wizard city or more properly the area of commons.

Wizard101 offers a Free Trial that never ends! Remember though, subscribers are allowed to complete Wizard City and explore all the far off worlds. Despite the fact that the game is not free and items also needed to buy at certain times but still the game is really good to play. It is a game which can easily be differentiated among other so many MMORPGs.

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