Forge of Empires


Forge of Empires is no shortage of browser based strategy games out there and while at first glance Forge of Empires might just seem like another one in the genre it’s got some redeeming features that make it one of the decent offerings in this overcrowded space. 



The graphics are one of the things that in particular set Forge of Empires ahead of the rest with a pleasant style that really brings your buildings and civilization to life as you battle through the lengthy PvE campaign.
It’s very obvious that this campaign has been the focus with few PvP elements around the place. While this means fans of PvP will be left out in the cold it is perfect for players that prefer to play against AI without the constant threat from other player (since the rewards aren’t as high as other games for raiding other players).


Like many online strategy games Forge of Empires is set in early human civilization, it doesn’t limit itself to a single era though choosing to take players from the Stone Age into the Middle Ages and beyond as your simple civilization grows and thrives. With your advisors holding your hand along the way there is always a new achievement or quest to focus on though so you won’t ever feel lost.



It isn’t a short journey in Forge of Empires either with your early stages easily consuming double digits as you find your feet in the game world. These hours also pass by with minimal waiting which is quite a rarity for the genre that Forge of Empires belongs to. These waiting times do eventually increase though and reach a point down the line that makes end game PvP quite tedious without the benefit of in game purchases.

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