Elvenar joins the ranks of the extensive browser based strategy genre with a hybrid that leans more towards city building then most. As the game comes from InnoGames you’re guaranteed a well designed adventure even if it doesn’t try to innovate too much.

Starting your Elvenar journey players will get to choose to either develop a human or elvan settlement. Players will find that humans are medieval focused while the elves have much more magical buildings although the experience is basically mirrored outside of the cosmetic differences.

With a basic tutorial to get you started you’ll learn the foundations of any civilization. This includes things like building a home for your citizens, creating paths, basic buildings and decorations to add bonuses. You’ll also be introduced to the typical mechanics of the genre such as upgrading buildings, researching and expanding your land.
Interesting features of Elvenar include the research tree and scouting which haven’t been done to the same level in other offerings. On the research side players will often find they have as many as four different paths, this gives you much greater control over the advancement of your settlement.

The final interesting aspect of the game is in the combat where players will engage in turn based battles on grid based environments. On the face it feels like something out of a turn based strategy game but unfortunately doesn’t quite have that amount of depth. The game does however offer more than enough opportunity when you compare it to similar free strategy games in this niche.

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