Vikings: War of Clans


In Vikings: War of Clans, it’s up to you to take on the challenge of managing your village, leading your warriors on raids, and becoming a jarl worthy of song! You’ll start off small, with just a single ruined village under your control. As you improve it and train your warriors, they’ll become more hardy and capable of defending it from your rivals — or attacking them and seizing plunder like any proper Viking should!



In the Viking strategy game, players are tasked with cooperating with other users and creating a powerful clan. They need to build a Viking town, train warriors, and attack enemy villages in the hope of conquering them and expanding their own legacies. This is, of course, all done under the watchful guidance of Odin. Players who really want to discover the way of the Vikings can read more on the official website before getting started. That way, they may one day be able to enter the halls of Asgard and sit among them.



The joy of Vikings: War of Clans is the fact that nearly everything is done online with cooperation from other players. In the Viking town you create, you must establish a hierarchy with the other members from ranker to chief. After that you are tasked with going out to find resources such as lumber, iron, food, stone, and silver, along with the in-game currency which is gold. You can then use these things to upgrade your buildings, train your troops, or craft new and improved weapons. The aim of the game is to then capture the "Place of Power,” which is in the centre of every kingdom.



If you like in-depth games which require you to spend a lot of time building up your characters and buildings, Vikings: War of Clans is up there with some of the best MMOs on the market. The fact that it uses a highly popular period of history for its central theme will add to the appeal for many.

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