Magic The Gathering: Arena

Magic The Gathering Arena is a 2D online collectible card game based on the widely-popular real-world CCG game, Magic: The Gathering. Select a deck type, collect cards, build your deck according to your play-style, and fight it out with other players in real-time card battles.

Wizards of the Coast brings the extremely-popular collectible card game from the tabletop to the PC screen in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Enter a fantastical world with over 25 years of lore, artworks, and card designs. Choose from one of five starting decks, each with its own card themes, strategies, and tactics. Overwhelm your enemies with units with the White Tactical Assault deck, control the battlefield with illusions using the Blue Arcane Interventions deck, control the forces of darkness and death with the Black Graveyard bash deck, rain dragon fire down on your enemies with the Red Dragon’s Fire deck, and command nature with the Green Forest’s Might deck.

Follow classic, time-tested rules as you fight it out with your opponents in real-time card battles. Complete quests to earn gold and booster packs which you can use to customize the basic decks or to build your own deck from scratch. Play a classic Constructed Deck match or join one of three challenging and constantly-changing, limited-time Draft Deck events where you can acquire even more booster packs and cards for your deck. Win your way up the rankings for a chance at fame, glory, and even more rewards!

Magic: The Gathering Arena Key Features:
-Real-time Card Battles – duel with other players from all over the world in real-time and experience the thrill of a Magic: The Gathering duel right from your desktop.
-Build Your Own Deck – choose to duel with one of five starting decks or use your creativity and card knowledge to build your own deck from scratch.
-Timeless Artworks and Stories – experience 25 years of art, history, and lore where you’ll get to visit an epic fantasy world, witness epic battles, and meet inspiring heroes and devious villains.
-Climb to The Top – test your skills against players from all corners of globe, play matches, try your hand at special events, or join tournaments to make a name for yourself in the Magic: The Gathering circle.
-Play with Friends – invite your friends for a friendly match or make new ones from all over the world.


Magic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: ArenaMagic The Gathering: Arena
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